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STEMNet School

STEMNet Schools is an EdNex initiative for creating an innovative and sustainable school-led network to strengthen the teaching of design & technology and engineering to enable schools to adopt a STEM-based experiential learning methodology.


Benefits of Becoming a

STEMNet School?

By joining the STEMNet Network of schools, your school will become a part of STEM schools that meet the high Quality Audit Standards of a true STEM School. This will be represented by a STEMNet School Logo that can be a hallmark of quality STEM Education at your school. STEMNet Schools will enjoy benefits such as:


STEMNet Education

EdNex STEMNet curriculum is developed on the foundations of the 4Cs identified as key in 21st Century education: Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Communication.

EdNex has partnered with some of the leading STEM practitioners and experts in STEM education to develop the STEMNet curriculum which is fully integrated with various curricula, thereby allowing your school to engage their students seamlessly during the school day.

Full integration means that your students will be learning the same concepts and lessons as scheduled in their core curriculum, but in a STEM environment, and the lessons are delivered by a STEM Trainer (or a STEM Trained Teacher in your school) using a hands-on, project and activity-based learning methodology.

EdNex team will work closely with your school leadership team, teaching staff and the students to understand your unique needs and will tailor the program content to suit your schedules, school calendar and curriculum.

How do we become
a STEMNet School?

If your school is interested to become a STEMNet School and join the network of elite STEMNet Schools, you can submit an online registration form.  Once your registration is submitted, representatives from STEMNet Schools will visit your school to guide you through the process and formally on-board you to the STEMNet. 

Become a STEMNet
a School?