StemNet School

Integrated Model


Integrated Model

This is a BOD Model (Build-Operate-Deliver) where the school does not make any upfront investment to set the STEM model in operation.

The school will only pay on a monthly basis based on the number of students enrolled in the STEM program.



Curriculum Mapped

STEM Lessons






How it Works

EdNex will set up and install the STEM Labs at your school including all STEM Resources, Equipment, Storage Solutions, and wall paint finish. (Furniture is not included in the package pricing and will be supplied if requested by the school).

EdNex will provide a fully mapped STEM Curriculum that include lesson plans, worksheets, activity sheets, and assessment rubrics.

EdNex will staff the STEM Classroom with qualified and trained instructors, who are well experienced in delivering a structured STEM program.
EdNex will regularly conduct assessments to evaluate learning outcomes, the impact and efficiency of the STEMNet Program.

EdNex will generate and submit periodical reports to your school management team about the progress, performance and outcomes of the STEMNet program.

EdNex will create a microsite for the school STEMNet program and allow parents and students to access this site for more information on progress, regular updates and newsletters on the program.

EdNex will conduct regular audits to make sure that the quality and content of the program delivered meets the standards and will implement required interventions to upkeep the expected standards.
EdNex will be responsible for the maintenance of all equipments, resources, and storage systems. EdNex will replace and refurbish any item delivered as a part of the package at its own cost during the contract period.

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