StemNet School

Professional Development

Teacher Training

We conduct regular training sessions for your teachers to enable effective and independent implementation of the STEMNet program in your school. Training will cover both the operation and handling of the various STEM kits, tools, software, and hardware that is part of the STEMNet Ecosystem.

Quality Audits

EdNex conducts regular quality audits on the STEMNet program to ensure students receive the STEM Lessons as per curriculum, and the learning outcomes are satisfactory. During these audits we identify any gaps in either the instruction methodology or the learning outcomes, and we will work out an action plan to bridge these gaps.

STEM Certifications

EdNex will help in getting STEM Certifications for your teaching staff from a competent certifying body.

Professional Skill Development

Through this program, all designated teachers at your school will have the opportunity to enhance their skills by getting trained on the latest tools and technologies so that they can engage with the new generation of students more effectively.

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